“The Finished Edge”


A 74 minute instructional video demonstrating how to bind a quilt by hand or machine. It also includes how to bind odd angles, inside corners, scallops, curves, add piping, and how to face instead of bind.

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"I am writing to thank you for this fabulous DVD. I was so impressed and learned a lot from watching this DVD. I am no longer afraid to do scallops now. This DVD is a work of art and a great teaching tool. Keep up the good work and may you continue to improve the lives of quilters like me. Again, thank you."  Terri H, Los Angeles, CA

"I'm a new quilter and have trawled numerous sites looking for an easy way to join the ends of the binding.  I've bought tools, read tutorials - you name it but I have to tell you your video on YouTube is by far the clearest. Thank you again for your really clear instructions.  I think the scariest part of other tutorials is the fact you have to cut the binding then join the ends. Your way, there is the confidence of sewing (and unpicking if it isn't right) before you cut - genius!" Very best regards - Bee, UK