I charge by the square inch and will give you an estimate at the time of consultation.

  1. Simple all-over large meander: 1.5¢ / square inch
  2. Most medium sized edge to edge continuous patterns: 2¢/square inch (some denser patterns may be more)
  3. Stitch in the ditch and straight line ruler work: starts at 2.5¢/ square inch depending on the density.
  4. Custom quilting: starts at 3¢ / square inch and increases with intricacy and density.
  5. Occasionally based on what needs to be done, I may charge my labor by the hour.

To get an idea of how much your quilt will cost, multiply the width by the length to get the total number of square inches, then multiply by the appropriate price above. 

Basting and trimming the edge is included in the above pricing unless I am instructed not to.

Binding is priced by the linear inch:

  1. apply pre-made strips to front only: 8¢/linear inch
  2. apply pre-made strips to back and front by machine: 11¢/linear inch
  3. I make the strips and apply to front only: 10 cents/linear inch
  4. I make the strips and apply to back and front by machine : 13¢/linear inch
  5. I make the strips and apply a two-color binding to back and front by machine: .18/linear inch

Batting and thread are separate charges and will be included in the estimate at the consultation.

All pricing subject to change. For custom designs I will often give you a range.